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About Us

SmartOnboards is a software solution tailored for e-commerce companies that primarily provide customer support through email, social media as well as online chat. Using Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing, SmartOnboards analyzes existing customer service inquires and creates customized customer representative trainings.

Provide New Customer Support Employees With All The Tools To Succeed

Increase Employee Morale & Reduce Turnover

Employees that feel poor trained and ill-prepared for a job are more likely to quit within the first 3 months of their employment. SmartOnboards provides state of the art onboarding experience that leads to higher employee moral and lower attrition rates.

Customize Trainings

SmartOnboards enables training customization that enables companies to divide customer support representatives trainings into sections as well as themes

Up to Date Onboardings

Most companies require a training department or a training representative to keep training manuals up to date based on new business requirements. SmartOnboards automatically updates training material based on new incoming inquires.

Long PDF and Power Point Presentations Have Become Old Fashioned.

The training and onboarding processes are the first experience new customer support employees have with a company. Employees expect a well-structured and clear training process to help them succeed in the first few months of their new job.

Improve Your Onboarding Experience Now

Additional Product Details

SmartOnboards enables businesses to monitor the training progress and identify challenges and opportunities for additional training

Interactive Learning

Learning material is complemented by quizzes as well as team collaboration

Lifetime Training Access

SmartOnboard customers get lifetime access to trainings created, even if subscription expires

Customized Reporting

Customer support manager gets automatically notified when an agent successfully completes trainings

Our Pricing

Free Plan

$0 / month

  • Free 14 day product trial
  • Access to limited trainings
  • Access to limited quizzes
  • No Customized Reporting
  • No Data Exports

Enterprise Account

customized pricing

  • Unlimited Customized Trainings
  • Unlimited Customized Quizzes
  • Unlimited Reporting
  • Unlimited Data Exports
  • Unlimited Workflow Automation

Our Team

Dimitris Kapsianis

Chief Executive Officer

Ioannis Voulgaris

Chief Operating Officer

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